Nirmal Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. is more than a decade old bank based in Nagpur. The bank has 3 branches across Nagpur besides the head office.
The banking system is completely computerized and offers various services such as deposits, multi-purpose loan, franking through stamps for registering various documents has started in the Nandanvan branch of the Bank. The facilities of doing R.T.G.S. and NEFT have also been started for the customers in the Nandanvan Branch.
There are approximate 7000 members. All branches are well furnished with air-condition and trained skill staff carrying out various operations. The bank also planned to come with additional branches and move towards core banking.

Future plans of the Bank

In order to provide faster and efficient services to the Hon. members and customers, the proposal of bringing the Bank Computer System under Core Banking Solution (CBS) with inter-branch connectivity is under consideration of the Bank and also the Bank is thinking about opening a new branch.
For more details of our services you can visit or contact any of your nearest branch.